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BRUCE DEITRICK PRICE is a life-long novelist, painter, poet and essayist. Along the way, he was always fascinated by education: the subjects that are taught; the methods used to teach them; and why the whole process isn't more skillfully organized.

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 1: "Saving K-12--What happened to our public schools?
How do we fix them?"
Unique book and a great gift for smart people.
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2: Delivered two speeches at education conference
in Milan, Oct. 2017
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NB: starts from a profound concern for school, student, and teacher. “Educators,” on this site, never refers to teachers. It refers to the managers at the top, people with PhD's in Education. The more you study education in the US, over the last century, the more you suspect that most of these so-called educators are far-left ideologues. It's a sad story; for more of it, please see "21: A Tribute to Rudolf Flesch."


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