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The Case For Funding


SUMMARY: Bruce Deitrick Price (author/artist/education activist) is engaged in a unique personal crusade for better schools. The premise is that we must win the ed wars intellectually. His approach has three fronts: aggressively rebut bad ideas; introduce superior ideas; and use the vast power of the internet.
The flagship of Price’s crusade, since 2005, is his site, which now presents 38 original articles and 80,000 words of content. Additionally, Price’s network includes: 19 intellectual articles on; 38 reviews of education-related books on; 18 education videos on; 20 education articles on; dozens of articles on other sites; and Price’s universal homepage
Practically speaking, the better known Bruce Deitrick Price is, and the better known becomes, the more successfully his ideas can defeat the ideas that have crippled American education. Price has put considerable time and money into this project. Now, it’s a matter of leveraging the work already done, and of reaching as many people as possible.


NOTE 1: More than half the articles on this site are scholarly or intellectual; they are not overtly concerned with education reform. There are many reasons for this arrangement. First, I'm passionately interested in all these things. Second, a range of articles means the site can appeal to a greater range of visitors, both casual and serious. Finally, and this is very important, simply to write clearly and sincerely is, in some parts of our culture, a revolutionary act. I've always had great contempt for jargon and gobbledygook, and the people who resort to it. Part of my job, as I see it, is to show that complex things can be written about in a simple way. This practice is intended as an indictment of people who write about even the simplest things in complex ways! (Article 2: In Praise of Stark Lucidity developed all these themes as early as 1980.)


NOTE 2: Speaking of "practice," I note with some sadness that many foundations support what they call "best practice," believing this is the most efficient way to reform education. Here's the problem. The unstated premise here is that failing public schools will observe this best practice, learn from it, and improve their performance. This presupposes that public school educators want to improve! Not so. Every city in this country has a great private school--there's your "best practice." Do the public school officials stop by to watch and learn? Not that much. Foundations need to confront the weirdest fact of all. Our education establishment thinks its theories are perfect, that its failures are successes, and that so-called "best practice" has little to teach them. QED: American education is hobbled by bad ideology. We have to deconstruct and push aside the foolish ideas; then and only then can good ideas flourish. That is what my crusade is concerned with. The immodest bottom line: X dollars spent bringing people to will do more to help American education than the same amount spent any other way.


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