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Bruce Deitrick Price's: The Education Enigma (2009)

This book is precursor to "Saving K-12"  
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"The USA is reported to have 50 million functional illiterates. How could this possibly happen? SAT scores continue to decline, despite ever more massive spending. How can this be? The public schools are plagued by mediocrity and ineffectiveness. Why?

To study American education is to be confronted by what Bruce Price calls 'the education enigma.' He has been writing about education for 25 years, fascinated by the challenge of trying to explain the many counterintuitive failures of American schools.

Price’s main conclusion is this: if we want to improve education in the future, we have to understand what went wrong in the past. We have to identify the bad ideas that undermine our schools.

Price, the founder of, has written more than 120 articles exploring an educational system that never seems truly committed to education as most people understand that term. In this book Price has collected the best parts of his education articles. (The web address of each article is provided in case you wish to see the entire piece.)

Bruce Price--author, artist and education activist--is your ideal guide to the dark side of American education. He has great erudition, writes clearly and decisively, and provides many recommendations for improving America’s public schools."


The CONTENTS (as shown on pages 5-6 in the book)



The Art of Teaching / How to Teach History, Etc. /
Tips for Helping Your Child Do Better in  School /
100 Facts Every High School Graduate Should Know /
Teaching Science / Jay Leno: Educator Of The Year /
The Best Way to Teach Anything??

English and Education / Phooey on John Dewey /
A Tribute to Rudolph Flesch /
A Very Short, Very Sad History of American Education During the Last 100 Years /
John Dewey, Dumbing Down, and The Scandal of Dyslexia /
Educators Are Best Understood as "Ignorance Engineers" /
MARIA MONTESSORI vs JOHN DEWEY (The Fight of The Century)

Philosophy Weeps / On Bullsh*t & Sophistry /
Theoryland / 1984--The Cover Up /
Form, Function, Foolishness /
Students Need Recess and Exercise

Mick Jagger an Intellectual?? / 
A Letter to the Pope: How To Do Latin Right /
The Wisest Little Book In The World / A Smashing Victory /
 Understanding Robots / Birds Like Us

A Tribute to Rudolph Flesch / The War Against Reading /
How To Help A Non-Reader to Read /
Interview With A Reading Coach: The Truth About Dyslexia /
Education activist challenges Education Establishment: stop the lies about reading /
Whole Word versus Phonics /
How Dolch Words Cause Illiteracy and Dyslexia /
Sites for Cheaters

Thinking Critically About So-Called Critical Thinking /
 The Assault on Math / Ivan Pavlov-- Education Goes To the Dogs /
 The Con in Constructivism / Reading Nonsense

In Praise of Stark Lucidity / Noun Overuse Phenomenon Article /
Precision Worth Preserving

The Creativity Question / The Plight of Poetry /
The Rules of Poetry

WHAT TO DO....119
Education--The Dark Side / Teacher Liberation Front /
A Speech To Teenagers About Education /
Who Will Save The Public Schools--Business Leaders, Teachers, or Taxpayers??? /
Saving the American Newspaper /



Informal review: This book is short, fast, entertaining, and intellectual.
Upset about society and the schools?
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This book is a good way to spread the message that our public schools
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The Education Enigma was published in 2009
and is still available.
Saving K-12 was published in 2017.
More information BELOW. 
 Both are excellent books on the same themes.
They do not contain the same material.