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"Saving K-12" -- Reviews

Random Reviews From Here And There

Review by viennamax on Better World Books:

"I call this one an important book. Because it puts the emphasis on the aspect of social engineering that is so flagrant in public schools all over the Western World. The volume is very easy to digest, even a bit over-redundant. However, inside are the right triggers for criticizing an institution which is [on] the downward-path for more than 80 years: our public schools. And, inherent in that, the condemnation of millions of young souls to illiteracy. So, if you're prone to a better learning set-up: read this book!”




Robert W. Sweet, Jr., President. The National Right to Read Foundation NRRF:  

“Bruce Price’s SAVING K-12 is a MUST read!  It is precise, concise and powerful. Action is required…for the sake of our children, our grandchildren and the future of the American Republic!”



Linda Goudsmit on Rich Swier’s site 


“Bruce Deitrick Price has written a stunning book titled Saving K-12 that explains in chilling detail the deliberate destruction of public education in America courtesy of the leftist Education Establishment. He writes:

When most people say the word ‘education’ they mean something very specific, and almost everyone knows exactly what that is: reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, to be followed by history, science, literature, and the arts. . . Unfortunately, the people who control public education and shape the debate have another meaning in their minds, and they know exactly what that is: social engineering, indoctrination, political correctness, and left-wing politics.

The new methods focus on ‘scientific’ abstract concepts instead of basic skills. Common sense dictates it is impossible to run before walking so it should surprise no one that American children in public schools are falling down.”



Comment by bvwredux on American Thinker: 


“Mister Price. Like your recent book is this essay. For us of a certain age and set of generational experiences it is an awesome read. A great preacher, a Jonathan Edwards, preaching. Awesome. Unfortunately, and this is my deeply founded opinion, SAD AM I TO HAVE TO GIVE IT to a great and valiant courageous man such as you are: this will have no hearing in the modern generation…”



Bruce Brown, Business Consultant, on LinkedIn: 


"All education leaders need to spend some time familiarizing themselves with Bruce’s writings on the state of public education.  His opinions and recommendations may make you bleed a little but without the changes public education will continue in its death spiral until it is too late to recover.”



Selden Edwards in Princeton Alumni Weekly: 


“Price, ever the independent contrarian, blurbed as ‘the country's most prolific and aggressive writer on education,’ has a new book, Saving K-12….Bruce argues, as he has before in numerous public pieces, that American public education has fallen so far from traditional instruction (facts and phonics) that children today can’t read, can’t write, and can’t reason well. Or as he quotes social critic Camille Paglia saying, they have ‘No sense of history. No world geography… They know nothing!’ You can find his latest provocative book electronically on Amazon and start reading tonight."


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Why would you want to read
a book about education??
Perhaps you want to understand what's gone wrong
in the classroom,
why for example so many students can't read properly,
can't do arithmetic without a calculator,
or find China on a map.
Perhaps you would like to understand the historical background
for the problems we're having today.
Perhaps you want to understand the theories and methods
promoted by the Education Establishment
even though history has shown these ideas are
dysfunctional and unhelpful.
Perhaps you would like to learn more about
how to reform the schools
and improve efficiency in the classroom...
 You've come to the right place.
"Saving K-12" is a quick exploration of K-12,
all aspects and dimensions.
You'll learn what went wrong and
how we can make it right.
There's probably no quicker, more efficient way
to understand K-12 so you can help save K-12. 



 Somebody does not like our culture

Why we have 50,000,000 functional illiterates

 Students reach college not knowing what 7 x 8 is

 100 years of dumbing down

 Every fad turns out to be a foolish idea

That’s how you know they aren’t sincere

 Who says serious has to be boring

 Are they merely clumsy or carefully aiming for mediocrity

   We need our big shots to move and shake more than they do 

 Suggestions for repairing the damage


Saving K-12




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