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Bruce, I'm a big fan of your site. 
As a former teacher myself, I know how hard it is to find
any voice of dissent among the dogmatic chants proclaiming constructivism to be the one true god and Vygotsky his prophet.

And don't get me started on learning styles and Bloom's taxonomy....
Just wanted to say thanks for being one of the few voices of reason out there.


Thank you for a refreshing perspective. In the last few hours I have read a lot of your site and it is rocking my world in a good way. Postmodernists are sophists... seriously, for someone of my generation the whole ultimate relativity thing is pretty hard to overcome. Not saying my mind is totally changed in a few hours, but you gave me a different viewpoint that is NOT religious. Perhaps complete relativism has been so successful because those who challenge it always invoke God, whereas you invoke man.


Dear Mr. Price,

I have read and viewed several of your essays/videos.

I am regarding you as a valuable resource in helping me structure my ideas in learning and education.

You have certainly spent a lot of thought and effort on your work (no aw shucks, please).

It is appreciated greatly from this corner.

Thanks again, MK

Wonderful! I stumbled across your webpage -- how I missed it in the years of struggling with schools and taxes I don't know. 

My daughter struggled through a " Chicago series" math course -- taught in a private school! 

I would recommend you viewing "The Cartel" -- it's not just about NJ. All the states have a similar group(s) which live for lower standards and bleed the taxpayer through the public school monopoly. The six members of the group are: 1. The Teachers' union 2. The admininistrators 3. The school boards 4. The politicians 5. The state depts. of education 6. The ed schools. 

My daughter's now in college and my anger and frustration have not lessened. I see a lot of the same stupidity -- the state being the moneyman behind the public colleges -- meaning of course taking tax dollars and funneling the money into state universities without oversight. The insane spending in our public colleges is replicated in so many private schools and the cost spirals out of sight. 

The true way out of this mess is to allow individuals to choose -- to have the money follow the child. That would eliminate most of the above mentioned hands in k-12 education. It would  stop much of the ridiculous spending for unnecessary things (like stadiums, and condos) on the college level. 

All the best. GA" 

"Dear Mr. Price,
Thank you very much for putting online your videos about Dolch words. As an English Studies teacher who worked for an advertising agency during my studies, I can say that you do a very good job with your easy-to-grasp, educational videos.
It is shocking to see how much damage is being caused with the sight word methods every day, and very sad that in your country, the debate is so ideologically loaded that hard facts don't count much...
Thank you again, you gave me a very good idea for my dissertation...
Greetings from Germany

sent to site 2010
"Hi, Your website is awesome. I am so frustrated with sight reading/whole word that I could scream. I teach an intensive phonics reading program from my home and have parents bringing me the 'Dolch' list that their child has to memorize.  
I think it's terrible that the schools don't bother to teach the kids to sound out those words. 
Keep up the great work. SC"

"Mr. Price,  

I am a homeschooling mother and just stumbled, quite by accident, onto your site. I've bookmarked your site so that I can revisit it because there is so much more that I want to read. HOW REFRESHING! I just wanted to say thank you. Your articles are incredible and well-written. I am anxious to look into your recommended book list on Amazon, as well as your own books. I feel like I have found a goldmine! Thank you again, LM"

comment about

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"This is one of the best sites I have found on the internet concerning education. He explains why the schools are doing all of this damage.

I watched with frustration what the schools tried to do to my children. We finally beat them by home schooling. If you keep your children out of the public school system until they reach high school, it will be too late for the system to ruin them.

If you are a frustrated parent, understand you aren't alone. I learned this when an educator came to my workplace to explain what a great job they were doing. The audience consisted of hundreds of engineers and technicians, one third of whom had doctoral degrees. I have never seen such a hostile audience. A lone voice defended the school system. The rest of us wanted blood. The speaker presented all of the wonderful things they had planned for our children. As the audience tore his positions apart point by point, it became clear our objections were going right over his head. Even cold statistics didn't faze him. Nothing would change his belief that he knew what was best for our children. I have since learned this attitude is typical of the educational community.

The only way to reform the system is to remove control from these educators. We must eliminate all of the centralization which has isolated the system from their true customers, the parents. Once the individual schools are directly dependent on the parents, i.e. "if I remove my child, ALL funding moves with him", they will finally return to listening to what the parents want. As long as control rests with state and federal agencies, there will be no change."

RT, Washington 

email to site 

"Thank you for posting your link on craigslist. I enjoyed reading your articles. I'm a home school mother of four AND a college student seeking a degree in Communications Disorders and Special Education. With the pursuit of that degree, I get to see a lot of what goes on behind the scenes at the public schools. The general public would be shocked to know what kind of people are training up their children. It was nice to see that others have a more realistic view of public education such as you have...

Bright children are forced to learn at a snail's pace and the ones who need the most intervention get it in the form of 'evidenced based practices' with documentation in 'portfolios'. Many failing students advance from grade to grade. After all, they have proven in their portfolios that they have been 'exposed' to the grade level materials. The school systems are not responsible for mastery...Again, teachers are NOT required to teach children. They are only required to expose children to the grade level materials..."


"I agree with this theory. I happened upon this article and Mr. Price's videos as I was frustratingly trying to find tools to teach my son his Kindergarten sight words. My husband and I have been drilling the poor child all week to memorize the 8 words for his assessment tomorrow. He remembers one minute and forgets the next. He mixes words up because if he's learning them in order, he can't remember them unless they're in order. He guesses. It's frustrating for him and angering for my husband and I. I've started to wonder -- will it get easier for him to memorize these words? And I realize that the more words he gets, the more he'll have to memorize into perpetuity!!!! The frustrating, agonizing process never ends! Plus, as he forgets words he thought he knew, he looses more and more confidence. I can see how he would eventually grow to abhor school. Conversely, when I actuallly have him sound out the word using phonetics, he's empowered to read other words that use similar phonetics and grows more confident! No more sight words -- I'm sticking with phonics!"

anonymous comment left on my article, on another site;

a brief but remarkably complete illumination of the Reading Wars  


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"And Bruce, again, all of the articles and videos that you have posted all over the
Web have become the vital tools that we so desperately needed to come to this
decision in our children's lives. I'm glad that you are a crusader for the cause --
and a passionate one at that. Please count us in on your mission! It saddens me
deeply being a mother to know that there are children of all ages out there who are
suffering from being illiterate and also the ones being misdiagnosed with ailments
that they either don't have or are the results of being taught Sight Words. It's an
injustice no matter how you look at it..."

L, Mass. 

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"Dear Bruce,

You have created an incredible body of work at I stumbled across it this morning while researching Rudolf Flesch.

Are you familiar with Aplied Scholastics program I've been involved with it for almost 40 years and I think there is a natural synergy between your work and theirs.

Thanks very much for everything you are doing in this important arena."


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"Hi Bruce,

I happened upon your website by searching on "john dewey marx." I am writing to tell you how impressed I am with the site. It is unique and it is worthy. I am contemplating a second career in education after many years in electronics and engineering. I am taking graduate classes in educational psychology at the University of -- and I have been struggling to sort the wheat from the chaff. I am amazed to discover the degree to which a calcified Marxist ideology has taken hold of the University. Sometime it seems like everything taught has a Marxist slant. I like to believe that I am open to new ideas. Indeed, that is why am back in school, but I began to wonder if I was the only one who sees Marxism as dogma passing itself off as wisdom.... 
To most young Americans Stalin is merely a fairy tale ogre and Marxism is just a bit of intellectual marijuana. They don't undersatnd that Marx truly is "the opiate of the intellectuals" and that American Marxists are like bright but naughty children who will tragically ignore the warnings of their parents and eat the poisoned candy offered by a stranger.

Oh well, forgive me for pontificating a bit. I sure enjoyed your website and hope that you keep fighting the good fight.

All the Best and Merry Christmas," CL

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"Hello, I just read your article "The Truth About Dyslexia" and subsequently checked out your website. I very much enjoyed what I've seen so far. I am the mother of a young man who struggles with dyslexia. He has been successful in graduating high school and is now attending  --- College. I have ordered one of your books and most definitely will read more. Thank you....."

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"Dear Mr. Price,

I am amazed at the way you are able to explain the pure FRAUD that is going on in our educational system today.

I spent 35 years trying to educate my fellow teachers why things were being done the way they were.

I am asking for permission to repackage some of your articles as PDFs so I can easily redistribute to my education group which you are welcome to join: 

I am sure you are familiar with Charlotte Iserbyt who while she traces it in a more political way as to the parties involved, has the same contentions.

I especially like this quote from 1946 no less, 3 years before I was born.


Teacher, 35 years

In the struggle to establish an adequate world government, the teacher has many parts to play... He can do much to prepare the hearts and minds of children for global understanding and cooperation...At the very top of all the agencies which will assure the coming of world government must stand the school, the teacher, and the organized profession. -- National Education Association Journal, 1946